ADA finds pandemic related rationing of diabetes treatment, sleep may be linked to mortality rates with type 2 diabetes and education is the key, now more than ever


Episode 10

On today’s show, we discuss how the pandemic is forcing diabetics to ration treatment and medication. Is this trend due solely to the pandemic, or has it just made it worse?

A new study supports continued evidence of sleep duration and its affects on mortality rates on those with type 2 diabetes. Lastly, more than ever, education is playing a key role in preventing and managing diabetes, but can it be sustained and effective?

Links to the articles we discussed:

25% of diabetes patients rationing treatments amid pandemic, survey finds

More evidence linking sleep duration with mortality risk in type 2 diabetes

For preventing and managing diabetes, education is the key

Listener question of the week:

Are you having to ration your diabetes medication and if so, why?

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