Diabetes, PCOS and jewelry with Lexie, the Divabetic™ | Her story and advocacy


Episode 21.

On todays show, Stacy and Davis talk with Lexie, an amazing diabetes advocate and social media influencer, better known as theDivabetic™ on Instagram. She’s sassy, honest and passionate about diabetes awareness and empowerment.

Through her blog: the Sugarless Society, Lexie promotes living with diabetes as beautiful, strong and compassionate. With her custom jewelry line of Leauxmed medical bracelets that offer critical information when needed but with a trendy, luxurious style that you want to show off rather than hide. Lexie is changing the way most think about their condition one bracelet at a time.

We are thrilled to share her story, insights about living with diabetes but also about PCOS or Polycystic ovary syndrome. A hormonal condition that also affects many women in the diabetic community and can often go undiagnosed before permanent damage is done.

Please follow Lexie on Instagram and her blog. She is an amazing member of the diabetes community.

Thanks Lexie for your passion, vision and great jewelry, you truly are a Divabetic!

You can follow Lexie at:
Her website:
The Sugarless society

Instagram at: @thedivabetic

You can also find Davis and Stacy at:





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