ENERGY THERAPIES AND DIABETES with Terry Opalek and Michael Frontier, Part 3 of 3


On todays show, Stacy and Davis continue their talk with Reiki Masters and Intuitive Life Coaches: Terry Opalek and Michael Frontier.

Terry and Michael share their stories and discuss the value and benefits of energy therapies with chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes and how these types of therapies can potentially aid with managing them.

Over the last 5 years, Terry and Michael have become sought after speakers, consultants and leaders in the areas reiki, chakra clearing and reflexology. Additionally, they also facilitate healing workshops including “Whats Next!” and “The Artist’s Way and Beyond”.

In the first of three parts of this interview, we talk about their stories, energy therapies and new life starting points.

Thank you Terry and Michael for your work, passion and energy!

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