Masks, Dieting Do’s & Don’t’s, Dietitians on Facebook and Life Pup for Lucia


Welcome to DiabeticSAVVY, the podcast edition!

I am seriously thrilled to jump into this podcast adventure!

This is the result of over a years worth of planning, deep thought and a personal journey that started when I was diagnosed in mid 2019 with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes. I was scared, confused and had no idea where to turn.  I have strong opinions about medications, so after a rather heated debate with my doctor, we agreed that I could attempt to self correct my condition over 90 days, and then we would prescribe needed medications at that time. For me, the big issues were three-fold: education, coming up with a plan and testing it.

As one with a culinary education, background as a chef working with specialty diets, even I was challenged by what I could and could not eat while controlling my blood sugar. That 90 days was challenging physically, spiritually and emotionally.  I am happy to stay that my plan worked, my numbers were all in normal ranges in three months and I have maintained these ranges ever since.

Out of that experience, I started DiabeticSAVVY with idea of supporting the community with adapted recipes, food reviews and education that would others mange their diagnosis.  This podcast one part of the mission.

Together with Stacy Kosmen, a registered dietitian and nutritionist; we seek out and discuss the most informative, unique and inspirational stories impacting the diabetic community. Our hope is to give our listeners a space to learn, relate and be inspired by conversation that understands the importance of community regarding diabetes.

We hope you enjoy our podcast, our community and thanks for listening.

In todays episode we discuss:

  1. The essential do’s and don’ts of a diabetic diet –
  2. Dietitians offering classes on Facebook live –
  3. Life pup for Lucia –
  4. Stacy’s diet bite

Our question of the week:

Do you guys have any tips or tricks up your sleeve that help you plan your diet and keep you on track that you want to share with us and the other listeners?

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