In my experience, tea is one of those drinks that I associate with medicinal comfort. It’s unusual that I drink tea by choice when out socially. I am a coffee drinker at heart. I have nothing against tea per se, I was simply not raised with tea. My upbringing, however, doesn’t mean that tea doesn’t have a place in my life and diet.

I’m not alone in my thoughts about tea. Americans simply don’t consume as much tea as other countries. When talking about tea, my friends and I joke about the term “all the tea in China,” but interestingly, more tea is consumed per capita in Turkey than all throughout Asia in recent years. In 2016, both Japan and China ranked 9th and 19th respectively in per capita tea consumption. The United States was 34th that same year.

Tea is second only to water in popularity

Globally speaking, tea is second only to water in popularity. So it’s easy to understand why tea products are incredibly important both culturally and economically to so many countries.

“All of this doesn’t mean that tea doesn’t have a place in my life and my diet though.”

I typically have a variety of herbal teas around the house if the urge strikes me or if I feel like I’m fighting off something like a cold, allergies or congestion.

With my renewed focus on my health, tea has become a bigger part of my diet.

We talk a lot about health, nutrition and our relationship with food, particularly as it relates to improving the diabetes experience. So its no surprise that in the last couple of years, tea has become a bigger part of my diet. Admittedly, I am not a black tea fan, with the only exception being a sugar-free version of southern sweet tea that’s brewed in the hot summer sun, chilled down and lightly sweetened.

Other than that, my preferences are limited to herbal varieties like green tea, lemon, hibiscus and mint. These are my go to choices because they’re far different from coffee and typically caffeine free so I can enjoy them in the evening.

My promise here is to be objective

When Pique Tea reached out to me a few weeks ago and asked if I would be interested in reviewing a couple of their products, I was happy to accommodate their request. My promise here is to be objective, highlight what makes Pique Tea unique and why their products may be worth your investment.

Origins of Pique Tea and the company

Company founders Amanda Wee and Simon Cheng launched Pique Tea and their products in September 2016. Since then, the company has grown tremendously, all while staying true to their values and inspiration.

Some years before, Simon, who had been living with a variety of health challenges for much of his young adult life, was introduced to a little known process of tea brewing in China during a backpacking expedition. The process is unique in that, whole tea leaves are brewed and slowly extracted at low temperatures. Then, the tea is reduced down to an edible form, much like a honey or syrup. Influenced by the traditions and unique health benefits of these tea varieties, Simon and Amanda brought them to the world.

What makes their Tea unique and worth it

In many ways the process of tea production has not changed in over 100 years: from how its harvested, to its packaging and the brewing process. Tea was ready for an infusion of fresh thinking. (Sorry, I couldn’t help it.)

Pique Tea has taken bold steps forward in all areas of tea production, literally from the ground to cup. By partnering with tea farmers and brewing masters, Pique has some of the highest quality standards in the industry. This includes careful sourcing of their tea that limits exposure to toxins, radiation and pesticides, to a production process called tea crystallization that preserves flavor, nutrition and honors centuries old traditions of great tea.


What are Tea “crystals”

Similar to a cold brewing process for coffee, tea crystallization uses the whole leaf of the tea and extracts the tea using a low temperature over an extended period of time. Once complete, the brew is then reduced to the point of creating crystals. This delicate method preserves not only nutritional value of the tea but also reduces the bitterness and intense flavor that industrial extractions will have.

You may think of these crystals like instant tea. While they offer a similar experience, that’s where the comparisons end. Most commercial instant teas and coffees are freeze dried, which breaks down many of the health benefits and flavor. Pique Tea has changed the game with a process and product no one has created before.

Medicinal benefits?

Speaking as a coffee drinker, Pique Teas Matcha sticks are nothing too scoff at. Not only does green tea have more caffeine per serving than a traditional cup of coffee, the added nutritional and antioxidant benefits make a compelling pick me up drink of choice.

We reviewed their package of 28 individual servings. Per the package instructions, they can be brewed in both hot water and cold water.

When using hot water, temperature is critically important for flavor and nutritional preservation. Temperatures between 140 and 150°F are optimal for the best experience. Our kettle can only heat water to a low of 160°F, but once the water was poured into our mug of choice, the water cooled to the proper temperature.

Cold water mixing was another story. We found that the tea tended to clump in cold liquids, but did dissolve perfectly over time. In our video, we struggled to combine the tea crystals with heavily iced almond milk. Later, we found that it did much better in straight cold milk when ice was added after it was blended.

Their green tea is soft, subtlety sweet and distinctly flavorful. I’ve tried other brands of Matcha tea and noticed immediate differences that include lack of vibrant green colors, heavy harsh flavors and some bitterness. I was very happy and surprised by the differences with both hot and cold versions.

Daily Immune Elderberry Liposomal C Shots

Daily Immune Shots by Pique Tea, think of them as upgraded energy shots.

The other product the Pique Tea sent was a package of their Immune Boosting Vitamin C shots. This is an interesting product. I feel like it is a take on common liquid energy shots like the 5 hour energy bottles you’d find at your grocery store.

Pique Tea’s shots are unique in a number of ways.

First they contain 1000 mg of naturally extracted Vitamin C. Most industrial vitamin C products use ascorbic acid, which can be harsh on the body and be absorbed at a lower rate than natural Vitamin C. Pique Tea uses better ingredients and a unique process called Liposomal Extraction to maximize absorption into the body.

Nutritional Information

Their Vitamin C is sourced from sodium ascorbate, which is less acidic than more commonly used ascorbic acids. It is then blended with Sunflower phospholipids creating Liposomal Vitamin C. This pairing is absorbed at a much higher level, therefore, you are actually utilizing the nutrients that you’re paying for rather than eliminating them.

How the Liposomal technology works

The other crucial ingredient is Elderberry juice concentrate. Elderberries have been found in some studies to be incredibly beneficial in blood sugar management and are considered a superfood for their antioxidant benefits.

The shots have a rich and thick viscous texture. For those of you with challenges with thicker foods like pudding, mayonnaise, and other thick products, you need to be aware that these shots may be hard to swallow, literally.

Easier on your stomach

I found that when I took one of these shots on an empty stomach, I felt it. It was not a feeling of nausea, but more like a heaviness. So if you have a sensitive stomach, I would recommend taking these with a meal or very close to the same time.

The flavor is amazing. Deep, rich elderberry thats not overly sweet and well balanced with slight undertones of the apple and lemon juice concentrate used to round out the intensity with a small amount of tang.

Each of these products are well thought out at every level. Convenient, portable single serving sachets with great taste and immunity support on demand. If you’d like to try Pique Tea, below we have a link with a special savings offer here.

Please let us know if you try these or any other products by Pique Tea.

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