Podcast Ep. 6 – What your pee can tell you about your health and diet goals. The skies are finally diabetic friendly and, sugar taxes are being considered to prevent diabetes.


On today’s show, Stacy and Davis discuss a new urine test that can help determine what you’re eating and how this test could help you meet your health goals. New advances in diabetes technology gives pilots with diabetes the opportunity to pilot commercial flights in the U.S. Finally, we discuss the question: Could taxing sugar levels in drinks like soda help with diabetes prevention?

Links to the articles we discussed:

Your Pee May Help Determine An Optimal Diet (Yes, You Read That Right)


The first US airline pilot with diabetes captains commercial flight


Taxing Sugar Levels In Soda Could Prevent 2M US Cases Of Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Study Says


Diet Bites segment

Stacy discusses whether or not soda can be a part of your diet.

Listener question of the week:

Would a tax on sugar sweetened beverages affect your purchasing & consumption of sugar sweetened beverages? What are your thoughts on this “sugar tax”?

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