Should Pharmacists be allowed to prescribe care? The 3 best types of snacks and can bears smell insulin, and why you should know this!


Episode 9

On today’s show, Davis and Stacy discuss the pros and cons of the possible expanding role of pharmacists, and whether or not they should  be allowed to diagnose and prescribe care.

Stacy then chats about the best types of snacks you should be eating for the best blood sugar management and Davis shares his thoughts on creative snack ideas.

Our last story asks the question, “Whether or not bears can smell insulin and why you should care?”

Stacy’s Diet Bites segment highlights her upcoming blog post on invisible carbs.

Links to the articles we discussed:

Pharmacists Can Improve Diabetes Care

The 3 best types of snacks to eat if you have diabetes

Can bears smell insulin?

Listener question of the week:

What are your favorite diabetic friendly snacks?

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